We are a team of lawyers, legal advisers and personnel with extensive experience in many practice areas. Coming to us, clients will feel “the enthusiasm and integrity in practice; experience and efficiency when dealing with legal issues with the lowest cost”.

With the spirit of working “to obey the law” and practicing according to “The Code of Conduct and Ethics for Vietnamese Lawyers”, when working with us, clients will be consulted with “the right focus of the problem and the truth”, based on actual requirements to find the right solution for each client.

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Legal services

Litigation Lawyers

Determining “litigation” is one of the company’s strengths, so our lawyers are always ready to participate in litigation in civil, commercial, criminal, inheritance cases,…;

Authorized representative

Our authorized representative services on behalf of clients to deal with a variety of administrative procedures including real estate services, licensing, debt recovery, .. ;

Providing legal opinion

Our legal opinion/advice in writing will identify, clarify, evaluate, analyze your legal issues, then offer you solutions to solve these problems best.

Lawyer for enterprises

We are providing the leading team of lawyers and legal advisers to enterprises to solve daily and urgent problems within enterprises. Please call our lawyers for support.

Free legal advice

Determine responsibility for society, at the same time is also a duty of lawyers, we are providing free advice and support to individuals, businesses and communities who need help from lawyers.

 Drafting contracts

Commercial transactions are always at risk, so drafting a tight contract, meeting the desires and wills of the parties but less risky is something businessmen needs.

Legal Question & Answer


Real estate is a complex field with the most dispute rate, the longest time to settle. So, understanding the law on real estate is to limit your disputes and risks.


Our lawyers will give legal advice, guide about legal procedures for divorce; conditions for custody of children, alimentation and change of custody; joint property and debt.


Civil and commercial transactions will be specifically consulted by our lawyers. Especially related to property ownership and basic rights and interests of people, businessmen and organizations .


We will answer principle of corpus delicti, crimes and articles applicable in the Criminal Code; procedures of investigation, prosecution and trial in accordance with law.


Questions about labor contracts, unilateral rights to terminate labor contracts and procedures/steps for handling employee disciplinary will be consulted and supported carefully.

Other areas

If there are any legal issues that need to ask, contact our lawyer team. We also provide free legal advice to individuals, businessmen and organizations.

Procedure Instructions

Land use right

Procedures for registration of land use rights for the first time; registration for changes, changes in owners, inheritance, separation of land plots, conversion of land use purposes shall be specifically guided.


Procedures and steps for business registration, investment registration, business household registration, trademark registration and other licensing will be guided step by step. 

Administrative procedure

Lawyers will advise, guide the implementation of all other administrative procedures, various fields in competent state agencies, proceeding conducting agencies and other organizations.

Legal templates

Contract templates

We would like to provide some common contract templates for your reference. Please contact us for further advice and to be provided


A number of forms for civil proceedings, civil matters, criminal proceedings and administrative proceedings apply at the proceeding conducting agencies.

Other forms

Other common forms related to public administrative procedures, procedures for participation in proceedings, power of attorney, judgment execution, …;