We are a team of lawyers, legal advisers and personnel with extensive experience in many areas. When coming to us, clients will feel the “enthusiasm, integrity in practice, experience and efficiency when solving legal issues with the lowest cost“.

With the spirit of working “to obey the law” and practicing according to the “Code of Conduct and Ethics for Vietnamese Lawyers“, when working with us, clients will be consulted “with the right focus of matters, with the truth“, based on actual requirements to find the right solution for each client.

When we receive legal services, we place “client requirements” as a measure of how effective work is. At that time, we must always keep abreast, make the most effort, use all skills and practical experience and set ourselves as clients to solve the work. At the same time, the provisions of the law are searched and applied thoroughly to find for the optimal solution and strategy to resolve legal requirements for clients. The work efficiency has been recognized by many clients and client continues to introduce other clients to us.

Most of our personnel have practical experience in legal proceedings, consulting and authorized representation, and have participated in many complicated and diverse disputes in areas such as disputes on commercial contracts, cooperation contracts, investment contracts and intellectual property sectors; civil disputes on land, inheritance, labor, press activities,…; participate in legal proceedings in complicated criminal and administrative cases. So we are very knowledgeable about the application of law by state agencies in real life. Therefore, our solutions are always heavy, feasible and bring very high efficiency. This experience is very effective when we consult; solve urgent and daily legal issues of clients, especially in drafting and evaluating the legality of contracts and legal documents of enterprises and organizations.

We are also providing licensing services related to business/enterprise, investment, real estate, taxes, etc. In addition, our personnel are also providing free legal advice and assistance for clients who need legal aid under the Law on Legal Aid 2017 via phone, Zalo, email or directly at the company headquarters.

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Mr. Tien (director – lawyer)